Thursday, April 23, 2009

Um, wow. Bluff Called. Bobby's Menu - 4/22/09


I somehow convinced myself that Katy wasn't really going to work out again, and thus didn't get too stressed when I got sucked into American Idol (why?) rather than going to the pool. Then at 9:45 PM I checked the blog and saw that Katy had in fact scored the Triple Whammie. 

The pool closes at 10:30, but is very very close. As long as I got there by 10 PM, I could get in a solid swim. Unfortunately, I cleaned my room this weekend, so I spent from 9:45 - 10 PM running around my apartment screaming WHERE ARE MY GOGGLES!?!?! 

They were never found. I felt totally defeated. I'm really proud of us that we have now gotten to the point where someone who counts every single point and only works out for an hour feels like a total failure. With some encouragement from FF reader K. Holden Rumph (Thanks Ho!), I decided I could only be defeated by myself. Soooo, I did the 15 minutes of hell that is P90X: Ab RipperX, and then did (for the first time) the Biggest Loser CardioMax. You can pick out the workouts, so I made it 20 minutes, 10 of which were Jillian Michaels (use your imagination.) 

Total Points: 28/29 or 31/29 I'll explain.

Bobby's Breakfast Treat: 3 [dairy, a little fruit]
2 Eggs & 2 Wheat slices: 6.5  [protein, wheat]
1 Apple 1 [fruit]
23 Almonds 4
1/2 cup (2 servings) of Raisins 4 [Fruit]
A big salad, with lots of grape tomatoes, oil & vinegar 2.5 [Veggies, Oil]
5 Chicken Nibblers 6 [Protein]
Honey 1

I also had a protein drink (about 3 points) before my first workout. Usually I just drink one of those for each workout and don't really track it because of activity points. At this point I am concerned about having too few calories. I probably should have eaten a little more for that last point at the end of the day, but after my second workout it was LATE for eating so I figured I'd just count the shake. Or at least a point of it. 

Tomorrow is yoga day. I have never done more than a half an hour of the 1.5 hour P90X workout DVD, but tomorrow I'm doing the whole thing. The only time I can do it is 7 AM, so I'm hoping that I can use Katy's example for inspiration. I should have gone to bed but I had to stay up for Beyonce's performance on Letterman. Its the least I can do considering the amount of times I've listened to her latest album while working out this week.

I think at the end of the summer I want to be underwear model hot. 

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