Monday, November 2, 2009

INSANITY! - Day 1.

A few notes on this video:
  • Yes that is a Halloween battle scar on my face.
  • It has made me realize that my legs and arms even my back are pretty skinny. Its just my stupid midsection (lets call it my pecs and abs) are still not toned at all. It is the curse of being male. These are the places your body is most likely to store fat. Here's hoping Insanity is what takes me over that final hurdle.
  • I may or may not be eating a Snickers in the second clip. It was little! And your body needs fuel after a workout! Shut up!
  • The workout clips were specifically chosen for the furious faces I make while working out.
  • I know the whole video is about this but...sweet Jesus, Insanity. At the end of these 63 days, I plan on being a new man. See you on the other side, suckas.

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