Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Morning After

Since we've started posting pictures, entries that don't have them just seem so BORING (especially when Katy is posting pictures of her award winning costume. Rock that spandex, girl. Rock it every day.) So this is my least embarrasing "before" picture. I like that my muscles seem bigger because of my fat.

I wouldn't call myself particularly sore today, just tight. I am excited that it is mostly my torso that is feeling this way - my one worry about Insanity was that it was going to ignore the upper body. I think the quick pace is exactly what I need given my Dory-esque attention span. I don't think I've ever done more than 12 pushups in a row, but yesterday I did 20, and those were push-up-jacks (the first exercise on yesterday's video.) Tonight's workout, the first actual workout, involves 30 seconds of one crazy move immediately followed by another. And another. I'm nervous but I am just telling myself that I can do anything for 30 seconds.

One muscle (or set of muscles) that I'm particularly excited is sore this morning is what I like to call "The Zac Efron Hip Lines." I would assume they are sore because of the last move in the video, where you get in pushup position on your elbows and try to touch your knees to your shoulders. If I have those lines at the end of this I will probably weap on camera. Get excited.

So far today I've already eaten leftover turkey, yogurt, FiberOne, and Special K. I've got two apples, a banana, a giant water and 24 almonds in my bag. I'm trying to avoid the ravenous hunger of yesterday - particularly from after my workout. I may have eaten Skittles in bed last night. Oopsies.

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