Monday, November 16, 2009

Right where Katy wants me.

We've all seen this pattern before. I don't blog. Katy gets frustrated. I come back to reveal that I've been lying face-down in a puddle of fat and sugar. Lets review, shall we?
  • I think I did Insanity once. Awesome, I know.
  • I had two beer and wing nights in a row.
  • I had ribs and fries and amazing spinach dip from Houlihans.
  • I went to Fridays and got so many appetizers.
  • Last night we had a quarterly meeting at work and there was so much free pizza.
I think that Katy may have pulled the fast one on me again. A week ago I felt amazing. While doing Insanity I've realized (thought a lot of time jumping up and down shirtless in front of a giant mirror) that I'm actually thin. I've got a few places where I need to tone up, for sure, but when you're eating so great and working out so hard those things will take care of themselves. And that is true. But then I get content in my self image and screw up for a day. And then it is a week later and I'm getting back in line for free pizza while still eating a slice and Katy is weighing less than she ever has.

Everything for me is leading to January for two reasons. The first is that I'm having my photoshoot for my website / personal amusement and MUST. LOOK. HOT. The second is that I will be having one of my patented Life Switches. In theory, I'm really excited about the fitness potential that being a freelance composer is going to bring me. If I have a project due tomorrow or in two days, I can decide when to fit my workout into that. As an audio person, your ears legitimately need breaks. It is going to be great. I am nervous though, since I have an atrocious fitness history post Life Switch. I'm worried Katy isn't going to be supportive of me after I steal that sparkly Former Fattie head right off the top of her head.

It being the 16th, it is now totally possible to get enough Whammies to get 2 pounds off the final tally. It would totally suck to lose on Whammies...wouldn't it?

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