Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 Things To Do (Besides Eat)

Yesterday I blogged about bingy-ness due to tiredness and as fate would have it when I went to a Weight Watchers Meeting this morning with my momma (my mom lost 5.4lbs!!! Go Momma!!) the meeting topic was:


When the leader asked if anyone in the group was an emotional eater- no joke- the entire group raised their hands. We discussed how we eat when we're- lonely, sad, bored, happy, angry, tired (yesterday), just about any emotion caused people to eat. So the leader gave us a little homework- make a list of 10 things you can do rather than eat when you're feeling emotional. I wanted to share with you my list.
  1. Phone/Email a friend
  2. Take my dog for a walk
  3. Cry
  4. Nap
  5. Exercise
  6. Watch a movie
  7. Blog/Journal
  8. Take a Bath
  9. Read
  10. Go Shopping
What are 10 things you can do besides eat?


  1. ummmm
    pole dancing
    i think i might have to try that one when i lose more weight lol

  2. things i like to do when i feel like emotionally eating

    play a game with my son
    go outside and walk around for a couple minutes
    listen to some good music and shake it off lol