Friday, January 29, 2010

Re: 10 Things To Do (Besides Eat)

I'm sure by my next post we will be into Former Fattie February, and since that means NO CHEATING, it's a great time to remember little ways to help myself meet that goal.

1. Play piano
2. Sing
3. Make a track

The only time that I forget to eat is when I'm making music. It's good to remember I'm more passionate about something than I am about appetizers.

4. Talk to a friend, particularly a co-blogger
5. Do something social not centered on food
6. Blog

Friends and support are so much better than pizza, right? RIGHT!??!? Right.

7. Work out

Half the time I eat it's because I'm antsy. I should use that energy for good, not evil.


A beachful of attractive gays and every one of them has a sixpack. I want to go to there. Soon.

9. Watch Glee.

Apparently the new gay they are casting is a "jock." Time to pack on the muscle.

10. Read old blogs/ look at before and afters

Remember that change can happen when I try hard enough. And that I should be acting more like Febuary 2009 Bobby than Fat Bobby.


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