Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Being Vulnerable is Being Strong

I love the Biggest Loser! Disclaimer: I understand that the Biggest Loser sets unreal expectations of weight loss- the average person cannot lose 30lbs a week. However I find the show inspiring, motivating, and thought provoking. One of the reasons I love Biggest Loser is because of Jillian. She is fantastic at getting into the contestants head and helping them understand the reason for their behaviors. Last night Jillian said to a contestant:

"It's Strength to Show Vulnerability!"

When Jillian said that I felt the truth of that statement resonate in me. I believe that it is so important to do things out of our comfort zones. We need to look fear and uncertainty in the face in order to grow. But how do we do that? How do you do that?

Today I saw my dad be strong and show vulnerability. My father is overweight, on numerous medications, and at risk for diabetes for months I have been encouraging him to join my gym. Today was the day that he said yes. I packed his gym bag, gave him a bottle of water, and sent him on his way to meet with the gym director. I was nervous I wanted him to feel comfortable and start working on being healthy. I could not be more proud of my dad. At 64 years old he signed up for the gym and has an appointment with a personal trainer tomorrow! Hooray Dad!

SO I witness someone being vulnerable. Today I was vulnerable at the gym- my trainer always pushes me to do things out of my comfort zone- today I ran up 10 flights of stairs holding 16lbs over my head. Another way I plan on being vulnerable today is not health related but I have been saying to Bobby that I want to find a creative outlet. Whenever I draw, write, sing, whatever I tend to feel really self conscience but not today. Today I will do something creative. Every day I want to try and be vulnerable and open in order to grow.

How do you get out of your comfort zone?

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