Sunday, January 31, 2010


Seriously. I can not get those images out of my head. I am scared to go back and look for a more appropriate picture.


I am so completely sore today. It is amazing. It was less amazing when I was doing Insanity, but as Jillian Michaels says, "that pain your feel is your body changing." I had a crazy good unofficial weigh-in today, and I'm trying to beat it at my official weigh-in Tuesday. We'll see. I'm starting to be actually confident that I can have the body that I want this summer. This is going to be one of the hardest points to push through - when I need to work out despite my entire body hurting.

Some other little highlights:
  • Someone today, seeing me eating healthy, sarcastically said, "your waistline is really getting out of control." I freaked for a second but realized he had no idea I had ever known me fat and was teasing me for being so skinny. LIFE. GOAL. ACHIEVED.
  • My work BFF Pete coincidentally started working out the same day I started P90X. We did pushups on our lunch breaks! we also tried to go to IHOP but the line was CRAZY so we went to Whole Foods. It was an act of God I'd say.
  • I don't know if you've noticed everyone changing their Facebook pictures to celebrities they look like, but its apparently all the rage this week. I realized I hadn't gone to that website where you submit your photo and it says who you look like since I was fat. It said I look like Ricky Martin. I realize that I don't, but it used to tell me that I looked like Patsy Cline. Small victories.
  • OMG I just uploaded a different pic and it said Topher Grace! He's so cute! Now I just need to ask him how he got his body like that in the Valentine's Day Trailer.
Aight folks. Gotta get my beauty sleep as tomorrow is the best day of the month: FREE PIZZA MONDAY at Planet Fitness.

How did everyone do this weekend?

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