Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Fattieversary!

Today marks 1-year since Bobby and I began this journey. I want to take a minute to let everybody know how crazy I think that is, and how proud I am of Bobby & I - we have come a LONG way in just 1 year! Mutually losing about 40 total pounds (thats like, what, a 1st grader?), becoming even closer and better friends, and most of all, learning to appreciate our bodies and establish healthy habits to be our best selves.

I couldn't have done it without Bobby's support, encouragement, positivity, and ass kicking. And I wouldn't have wanted to. So Bobby, thank you for being there for me and thank you for sharing this experience with me.

Pre-former fatties. FATTIES. June 2008.

(Full body shots would have probably been more inspirational)

Onward! I'm considering today - February 1st - to be MY new year. The day I get back on track with all of my new year's resolutions that fell to the wayside in January. Time to get myself back in the game, get my life organized and in order, and really focus on what's important: being my best self.

I've been a bit absent from the blog lately and it's because I have been contemplating and struggling with how I want to approach it. For me, it's not going to work to wallow in my shortcomings and weaknesses. I need to instead stay on the motivated and optimistic side of things, while enjoying life and not getting down on myself. I have a very passionate - sometimes to a fault - relationship with food, I get that. What I need to celebrate is how that can be a beneficial and healthy thing. Something I enjoy emotionally and physically, and that benefits me.

That's not to say the other bloggers need to feel the same way, by any means. I think the way you approach the road to healthy living is a very individual and personal one. There are going to be highs and there are going to be lows. I've experienced a lot of both in the past year, and found I've been more successful when I celebrate the highs, and accept the lows and move on as quickly as possible. I'm fortunate, I'm healthy, I'm physically able to do anything that I want to do. I'm done being a wah wah cry baby.

This is a journey, a lifestyle forming, and something I want to look at more positively. I want to share my experiences with people, and document for myself so I can see my progress.

Now, enough Susie Sunshine. I'm gonna throw it down for real on this blog. I'm gonna cook, eat, and sweat my ass of until my heart - and stomach - is content, and I look forward to sharing that all with you.

With love and rainbows shooting out of my asshole,

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