Monday, February 1, 2010

Re: Happy Fattieversary!

I have spent the better part of the last year accusing Katy of sabotage. I was constantly finding myself overeating and coming up with some scenario in which this was Katy's fault. Something strange has been happening over the past few days though. I keep trying to eat total crap, and somehow I end up eating healthily. Yesterday, I came up with enough excuses that I was going to go to IHOP and get their tremendous chicken fingers and fries (with honey mustard and garlic bread) but it was so packed that I ended up at Whole Foods instead. And then today, I worked my ass off at the gym, all the while smelling the deliciousness of free pizza Monday, only to find them disassembling the pizza table when my workout was complete. I just finished a salad with grilled salmon and some low-fat chicken noodle soup from Panera. (Their LF chicken noodle is SO GOOD and ONE POINT.) It kinda feels like I've got someone going out of their way to make sure I make healthy choices.

If you tell her I said this I'll deny it, but that is really who Katy has been to me since last February 1st. I have spent most of my life "trying" to be fit, but never actually gaining any traction. Because of Katy, I started moving. I kept moving. And when I stopped, she pushed me again. And again.

For 365 days Katy has proven herself to be an unbeatable competitor and a tremendous friend. I caught a glimpse today of some before and afters that she's chosen not to share and let me tell you the woman is transformed. And can we just take a moment to reflect on how bitingly hilarious she is?

It has taken us a bit to warm up this time, but now that Katy is firing on all cylinders, I know once more that I'm going to have an incredible next few months. I know that the body I occupy today, the one that I have fought so hard for, will very rapidly become just another in a long line of "before" pictures. Last year was incredible, but it was really just laying the ground work for the year we're about to have.

Happy Fattieversary, gorgeous.

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