Monday, February 15, 2010

Atlantic City and a pool of hot sauce. Valentine's day 2010.

I am back to the grind after a nice Valentine’s Day weekend. We went to Atlantic City for Saturday Night for Kir’s birthday, which was fun. The same night, The Situation & DJ Pauly D (from Jersey Shore) and apparently Audrina (from the Hills) were in town. However, my fantasy and eternal desire to spot an MTV reality show star remain unfulfilled. Fear not, we still partook in our own mild-mannered debauchery, hold the drama and the steroids.

Alex and I at the Taj. And some new clothes for me.

A few too many whiskey & gingers and $15 lost in the penny slots later, I realized I wasn't going to ride home on the lucky train. I bedded down relatively early, and left Alex on the flo' to bring home $300 in winnings for mama! I knew I loved him for a reason.

Came back to Lancaster yesterday (yes, STILL here for work) and went to Valentine’s dinner with Alex, a coworker & her boyfriend, and our client who was unfortunately stranded here for the weekend after his flight was canceled. We went to a local brewery and I had strawberry wheat beer. For dinner, I wanted their falafel for dinner, but of course they were out of it (my luck seems to have run off somewhere) so I had a black bean burger & fries. Meh.

Although not quite how most people plan to celebrate the “most romantic day of the year,” I have no complaints. Alex and I do really special things all the time, that I just felt no need to pull out the stops for yesterday. I used to be the biggest sap for Valentine’s Day, when most of my friends would roll their eyes and complain about the Hallmark Holiday. It was different this year. Don't be confused - I don't hate it, by any means. Alex and I still exchanged cards and I got him candy that may or may not have been influenced by my personal tastes in chocolate.

In other news, I also realized that I have been eating a meat-free diet (still hesitant to call myself a vegetarian) for over a month! I watched Food Inc and made the decision to limit/eliminate meat on January 3rd. The only meat-products I’ve eaten have been 2 strips of bacon on vacation with my family during meat-free week 1. Otherwise, it’s been really effortless! I can’t tell if I feel the differences in my body, but I think I feel less like garbage. It probably also helps that I’ve started exercising again.

I google image searched "vegetarian" and picked the freakiest photo I could. You're welcome.

Things I crave when they’re around me: anything chicken-based with buffalo sauce and blue cheese – CHRIST! I’ll have to look into creating some sort of veg option to satisfy my finger-licking desire. Anyone have any recipes/alternatives? I could pretty much swim in a bath of Franks Red Hot and be happy. It's become more of an addiction than a guilty pleasure at this point.

I love you I love you I love you.

Next up, I am going to work on writing relevant posts that have some sort of cohesive structure to them. Until then, steam of consciousness as I type.

I want a snack.


  1. Love the creepy pic! and yay for being veg for over a month!
    My recomendation for buffalo wings is to go to Red Bamboo. Definitely not the heatlhiest but SO good. Or you could try the buffalo morningstar farms "chicken" nuggets, they're pretty good too.

  2. I've had the MorningStar ones before! They're not bad but not saucy how I usually like them. Have you heard of Gardein products? I'm seeing them all over the blogosphere and need to hunt some down in the city. They have a buffalo "chicken" that looks really good.