Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Enablers!

Liz and I had plans to hang out this afternoon, but we didn't know what to do. We decided on a late lunch, and she said she wanted to go someplace new. We almost simultaneously suggested my favorite Italian place (of those near me.)

So on an afternoon where I seriously considered us working out together, we instead had this:

Amaaaaazing bread. Liz got buffalo chicken pizza, I got chicken parm. Liz only had two slices (maybe a quarter of her pizza.) I was less respectible.

I really don't feel guilt over this right now since I've eaten so well and worked out so hard. Still, I wish I had NOT asked for a second basket of bread and had only had half my chicken, which I'm sure is still more than a serving. I can treat myself AND make good choices. Oh well.

When we were leaving I saw this table and thought, "why didn't they give ME a burrito with my meal??!??!!"

I was less mad though when I realized they DID give me a NAPKIN.

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