Friday, February 5, 2010

The One Point Wonder

Katy- I've definitely been there but my chocolate is a drive through at McDonalds. I've been digging my nails in my steering wheel trying to get away from the Big Mac that is speaking to me. It sucks. How'd you handle it? We're going to need a recap!

The One Point Wonder
I have become obsessed with this chili. It is delicious, filling, and so low in calories I love, love, love it! One cup is 80 calories, 1 point for WW friends. FANTASTIC!

-Bear Creek Chili : "Darn Good" Chili
-6oz can of tomato paste
- I add sauteed peppers and onions (because I think everything tastes better with peppers and onions but you could add anything depending on what you like. Ground turkey, tofu, jalapenos...whatever)

- Boil cups of water
-Whisk in chili mix and tomato paste
-let simmer for 20-25 minutes, stirring occasionally
- the last five minutes I add in my sauteed peppers and onion

YUM! When its done I usually add some fat free sour cream and fat free mexican cheese- SO GOOD.
Former Fatties I want to have you guys over for dinner and make this for you!

******Also I weighed in today- LOST 3.2 POUNDS!!!!!!! in one week!!!*****

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